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Bespoke Shirts
  • The Bespoke Shirt experience with The Signature Collection is an experience unto itself. With literally thousands of premium shirt fabrics to choose from, luxury shopping is literally redefined in front of your eyes.

  • With a range of beautiful shirt fabrics such as 100- 2 Plys sourced from England & Italy, our wide range of shirt fabrics will have you covered for every day of the week.

  • Whether you are looking for your wardrobe staples such as solid whites, pinks and blues and microcheckered shirts, to paisley and polka dot patterns for evening wear, we have something for literally every occasion you can think of.

  • Our customized shirt solution involves over 20 measurements to ensure the most comfortable and appealing fit for you. From there, we let you take full control with your detailing process.

  • From shirt pleats, pocket styles & monogramming, to collar widths, shirt darts and button hole colors, we let you customize every step of the way, so that your bespoke shirt is a true reflection of your personality and spirit. 

  • From there, your measurements and specifications are taken back to Hong Kong, where our Shanghainese tailors cut and hand stitch your wardrobe; their process allowing them to take care of your product every single step of the way.

  • Our master tailor and his team comprehensively review every single item of finished product, with the final product being shipped to you within 6-8 weeks of your purchase date.

Bespoke Shirts: Service
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