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"I have purchased 18 shirts, one suit, three jackets and three pairs of slacks from Noni. Everything fits great and I constantly receive compliments on the shirts. Highly recommend him."

- Ray Leone


"Noni has an incredible selection of fabrics and his prices are very reasonable. I'm tall and slender and it's hard to find anything off the rack that fits right. I've purchased four suits and a number of shirts from him and his suits are undoubtedly my favorites; they fit absolutely perfectly, the materials are top-notch, and the craftmanship is excellent. I'd highly recommend his services. Additionally, my wife had a few shirts made and loves them."


- Jim Kaighin


"I have been going back to use Mr. Chullani's services since 2005 when he first came to the U.S. I remain a very satisfied customer and can't wait to see my next order completed. Class, quality design, great fit and comfort are the hallmarks of Mr. Chullani's work."


- Faris Khan

"Noni's work has always been of the highest quality and the value is great. Noni is also a pleasure to work with."

- Zachary Perry


"I’ve had the opportunity to benefit from Noni’s expertise and craftsmanship for the past five years and am so grateful to have discovered him!  From shirts that fit better than any I’ve ever owned to suits and sports coats that are complemented each time I wear them, Noni has helped me to completely remake my wardrobe.  Along with his exacting standards when it comes to fit, Noni also sources the highest quality fabrics, and each time I see him he has new styles and materials to recommend.  


My only caution is to simply warn others to be careful what they start as Noni’s work is highly addictive!  Once you’ve experienced the fit and service that he provides, it makes you reevaluate everything else in your closet.  50 shirts, 5 suits, 4 sports coats, and 2 slacks later, I could not be happier to have benefited from his talents and friendship and continue to recommend him without hesitation to anyone that will listen."

- Shane Coker

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