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Bespoke Suits & Tuxedos
  • The Signature Collection offers a fully immersive Bespoke Suit Tailoring experience, so that you can begin to dress with premium suits that fit you like a glove.

  • Begin your journey with a wide range of luxury fabrics to choose from, with the finest woolen, linen and cashmere wool fabrics sourced from premier Italian & English Mills.

  • Whether you are looking for solids, stripes and plaids, to herringbone, subtle stripes and tweed, we have something for everyone. Looking for something seasonal, such as a pink or light blue windowpane? Sure, we've got that too. Or maybe you want that killer brown plaid boardroom suit, so that you can stand out heads and shoulders above your peers. Check.

  • From Super 120's to Super 180's and beyond, our high yarn count fabrics offer a supremely smooth feel and elegant look. 

  • We provide a range of cutting styles, from sleek English Patterns  that have been popularized by Saville Row, to slimmer fitting Italian Cuts and conventional American Cuts. Our Master Tailor Noni Chullani provides guidance throughout the Bespoke Process, advising on your cut and style based on personal preferences, aesthetic factors and functional considerations.

  • Each suit is customized to your exact body frame, with 36 precise measurements taken to ensure the most comfortable and appealing fit for you. These detailed notations can only be identified by a professional with years of experience in bespoke tailoring.

  • For each bespoke garment, a paper pattern is created to emulate the build and unique figure of each individual. Each paper pattern is cut specifically for the respective individual. These steps are undertaken to ensure a final suit that fits you to perfection.

  • From there, we provide you with a myriad of options with respect to specifications: You crave it, we deliver! From monogramming, jacket lining and button hole colors, to jacket piping, pocket styles and lapel widths, we have you covered down to the very last detail. It is these nuanced specifications, along with the perfect fit, that are the hallmarks of a masterclass bespoke suit.

  • Your personalized measurements and specifications are then taken back to Hong Kong, where our Shanghainese tailors cut and hand stitch your wardrobe; their process allowing them to take care of your product every single step of the way.

  • Our master tailor and his team comprehensively review every single item of finished product, with the final product being shipped to you within 6-8 weeks of your purchase date.

  • With our sister accessories brand, The Dark Knot, we even offer you an exquisite range of silk & linen pocket squares and lapel flowers that are the perfect accessories for garnishing your ensemble. 



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